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Alnajah Educational Project

مدرسة النجاح العربية, مدرسة تكميلية تعمل في نهاية الأسبوع, تم افتتاحها في سبتمبر 1998 لتدريس اللغة العربية والتربية الاسلامية والقرآن الكريم, تلتزم المدرسة بإتاحة الفرص المتكافئة لجميع طلابها للحصول على تعليم ممتاز ومتميز يمكّنهم من الالتزام بعقيدتهم وقيمها والاخلاق الاسلامية السامية والاعتزاز بحضارتهم . كما تحرص على بناء قدرات طلابها على التفكير الابداعي والنقدي المستقل والتعلم الذاتي مدى الحياة. وتعمل جاهدة بتزويدهم بالمهارات اللازمة التي تمكنهم من ان يكونوا اناسا مشاركين وفعالين في بيئات دائمة التغيير

  • Doors open every Saturday from 09:30 am to 3:00 pm.
  • School opens for Boys and Girls.
  • We teach children from Nursery to GCSE.
  • We have the Best qualified teachers.
  •  School produces the highest grades in Arabic GCSE. 
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Our Aim

We aim to educate children the Arabic language and to be able to use this language in everyday life , not only read and write.

Focusing on strengthening the students confidence in understanding and learning the Arabic language in an interesting, engaging and social learning environment.

We use the most effective  and up- to- date educational  curriculum with all useful tools  to improve our teaching methods.

School Activities
  • Celebrating all religious occasions 
  • School clubs are introduced this year as painting, hand crafting , football, and more to keep students active and enthusiastic during the day.
  • Fun Activities are included in the class with uses of visual aids and fun games to keep children motivated and excited.
  • End of year party with awards to all hard working students.
  • Quran competition is held at the end of the year, and valuable prizes are given to the winners.